What A Beautiful Name | ALTO Part | Lyrics | Notes

When "What A Beautiful Name" is sung (scheduled October 1) as a choral anthem the male section will sing Alto part just during just  REFRAIN    Jim will be section leader

Preparing for Advent and Lent Mass of Christ the Savior Parts

 Mass of Christ the Savior - Glory To God All   Piano   S   A   Men

Mass of Christ The Savior - Alleluia All   Piano   S   A   Men
Mass of Christ The Savior - Holy All   Piano   S   A   Men
Mass of Christ The Savior - We Proclaim Your Death All   Piano   S   A   Men
Mass of Christ The Savior - When We Eat This Bread All   Piano   S   A   Men
Mass of Christ The Savior - Save Us Savior All   Piano   S   A   Men
Mass of Christ The Savior - Amen All   Piano   S   A   Men
Mass of Christ The Savior - Lamb Of God All   Piano   S   A   Men

Memorial of Saint Pius of Pietrelcina, Priest

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Other Special Liturgies

Padre Pio Feast Day
(inclement weather OLBS Parish Center)

The Lord Is Kind and Merciful

(Psalm 103) (Craig Colson, Kristen Colson) 

All Are Welcome (Jesse Manibusan, Jennah Manibusan)Acc21-36, CP4-174
Behold Kauffman

Two Were Bound for Emmaus (KENMARE, Bob Hurd)  Acc21-584, CP4-520

Mother Mary, Pray for Us (Sarah Hart)  Acc21-584, CP4-520

Open My Eyes (Jesse Manibusan) Acc21-416, CP4-406 

By Our Love (Tom Kendzia) Acc21-112, CP4-222 

Spirit and Grace (Ricky Manalo) Acc21-504, CP4-466

The Eyes and Hands of Christ (Tom Kendzia)
Hi OLBS Music Ministry,
Our Parish Feast Day Mass is Saturday, May 13 4pm at St. Michael Church. All are invited and encouraged to sing.
Here is the link to the Music outline and practice link! https://www.olbsmusicministry.com/p/may-14-2023.html
Sheet Music to What a Beautiful Name Link https://1drv.ms/b/s!Al8ZJZiCWfcchaEA_e9aeTeXRgUUsA?e=w8zPGo
Also, All are invited to sing at the 20th anniversary of Fr. Ariel’s ordination to the priesthood at the 4:00pm Mass on Saturday, May 27 at St. Michael Church.
A reception will follow at the Parish Center. Join us in thanking God for the gift of our pastor ~ 20 years a priest. Peace, Jill Baruffi Director of Music OLBS Music Ministry Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish